How to keep in touch with us! Either by our contact details below, or via our website.


Club Committee Contacts

Chairman: Peter Harvey

Telephone: 01304 614412



Vice Chairman: Peter Baggott

Telephone: 07761544373


Treasurer: Kathy Stevens

Telephone: 07969725764


Peter Harvey Peter Baggott

Events Secretary: Steve Lutz

Telephone: 01843 832863



Club Secretary: Keith Stevens

Telephone: 07891214649



Membership Secretary: Lesley Lutz

Telephone 01843 832863 Steve Lutz



Newsletter Editor: Tony Powell

Telephone: 07949 051239



Webmaster: Alan West

Telephone: 01843 604249


Keith Stevens Lesley Lutz

Please direct all club related enquiries to the:

Club mobile phone No: 07779422780

Please leave a message along with your name and telephone number

and a member of the Committee will contact you.

Disclaimer. Any opinions expressed are those of individual authors and

may not be those of the Editor, members of the club or Executive Committee.

All information is provided in good faith. The club does not accept any

responsibility for the consequences of any errors or omissions.

Tony Powell

Club website:




Introducing the Club Committee to you. We are here to help and as our club is very informal please don't hesitate to ask us any questions. We're here to help!

Please also make any suggestions which may help you or other members.

Having a problem with a particular make? or tying to locate that elusive spare part?

Contact one of the Committee below and we will try to help